Farmland By the Numbers!

Data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2007 National Resources Inventory story of our nation’s farm and ranch land loss in numbers. The 2007 National Resource Inventory is the most comprehensive natural resource database in the United States—tracking conditions and trends on non-federal land from 1982 to 2007.

Farmland Loss map
Map: Every State Lost Agricultural Land.
Bright Spots Chart Bar Chart: States with the biggest farmland loss
Chart: California vs. Florida Farmland Loss
Pie Chart: States that Developed the Largest Percentage of their Land

The analysis behind these graphics was conducted by our Farmland Information Center (FIC) and first appeared in our Winter 2010 issue of American Farmland magazine.  Stay tuned as we release more information on farmland loss across the nation.

Want to do something about it? Send a letter to your state lawmakers today and tell them to protect the precious farm and ranch land in your state! Feel free to re-post these images, but please link back to us.

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3 thoughts on “Farmland By the Numbers!

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  2. Catrece Davis

    This Information is truly Devastating! It is my Dream is to become a Future Rancher. My early childhood development was influenced by visiting the beautiful farms around my area in the state of Ohio. The farming communities produced some of the best crops & people in the world! This is specifically the life that I want for my 2 young daughters, the Nature, the Animals, Sowing the Seeds and Reaping the Harvest, life as GOD himself intended for us live. I strongly believe that type of living is most Healty and Vital for our children today! Sadly it is a rare existance for most children, and with the Millions of Acres of Dissappearing Farmland in America today…What will thier Future Be???

  3. Jake Rudd

    This is very saddening. Like the comment above, growing up reaping the harvest is like nothing else you could teach your children. Knowing this, because i grew up on a farm in northern Utah, and all around, the farmland was getting developed, and developed. It sickens me to see it happen. I know that this nation, and our communities, need growth, and they have to have somewhere to do it. The reason for developing in my mind, is that most farmland is flat, well drained, and quite nutrient rich. All of those, make for good development. But at the same time, if we go ahead and develop all that land, then where will our food come from?? China? What i am getting to is this. Yes, Growth is inevitable, and Yes, the pressures of urbanization are ever so growing. But through programs that protect our vital ground, our grandchildren and their children will hopefully be able to know what agriculture is, whether it be by going just outside the city, or on their family farm. But it is OUR responsibility to protect it, and only we can ever so do that. The time to do that, is NOW!

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